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Area Code: 678
Prefix (NXX): 339
Calling outside U.S.: +16783394000
City: Atlanta
County: Dekalb
State: Georgia
Usage: Landline
Local Time: Eastern (GMT -05:00)
Registrant Company: Bellsouth Telecomm Inc Dba Southern Bell Tel & Tel

678-339-4000 is a Landline phone number operated by the company named Bellsouth Telecomm Inc Dba Southern Bell Tel & Tel and is located in the city of Atlanta, Georgia. Please check general information, community rating and reports about this phone number. Don't forget to leave your rating and comment about this number, to help us improve our community database. The fact that a phone number is published in here does not automatically mean that it belongs to any predefined category. We would highly recommend using phone books, yellow and white pages, social networks, or other public resources as an additional source to get more accurate information of phone number 6783394000.

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#1 Other

I'm new at cell phones. Cancelled my land line to go by Cell only to save money. I'm over 65, so I went for the 65 Plus program.  Unfortunately the sales person did NOT take the time to explain to me what all is involved, thus I wound up with a $140.00 phone bill, whereas I was trying to reduce my phone bill from land line to cell. As a matter of fact, he didn't know anything about the 65+ plan, and had to go to back to find some one who did.  Now I'm paying over 3 times more than what I did before.My complaint is...sales people need to learn more of what they sell, and not just think of what they CAN sell.Called their office at *611 and was happy to be able to talk to "Kim" who took the time and explained all the different options to me.  I'll be ever so grateful to have been able to talk to her, and the help she gave, and offered even more help in the future.

#2 Other

I had the best customer service I have ever received from Verizon from this number

#3 Other


#4 Other

Verizon Wireless Customer Service called me from this number in response to an e-mail left on their web site.  They left a voice mail message identifying themselves.  It is a legitimate number.

#5 Other

Called today, didn't leave a message

#6 Other

what is this nuber they keep calling drivin me nuts!!!!!!!!!!11

#7 Other

I got a call from this number and the caller said "sorry, wrong number" and hung up.

#8 Other

Yeah it is valid Verizon Wireless.

I have been emailing back and forth with them and a helpful lady called from this number.

As it involves them giving ME money instead of the other way round, i know that it is legit.

#9 Unknown

Lowering interest rates

#10 Other

This is a Verizon Customer Service number.  It's legit.

#11 Other

Yes, this is a Legit Verizon Wireless number.  They returned a call to me from this number as well.

#12 Other

Confirmed as Verizon Wireless. They left a voicemail.

#13 Other

this is the verizon wireless billing dept that gets on to your case once you have complaint with higher ups and they are gennerally apologetic about it, also they are way higher on the coorporate scale than the usula customer servicess 1 800 numbers published on the bill, they are if you will executive office for billing issues for east coast usa
hope this helps

#14 Prank

Received a call from this number saying X person was trying to make changes to the account, please call X person to give them password information.

Called Verizon Wireless main number, and apparently this is a common scam.
History of "spoofing" of the Verizon customer service number with these requests.

Always say NO and always check back with the Verizon number from their corporate website.

#15 Other

678-339-4000 and 678-339-4400
are from either a retail store that sells and repairs Verizon Wireless phones OR they are Verizon Wireless corporate offices in Alpharetta GA.

Most likely, they are calling you about your bill, to troubleshoot your account or something like that. Still, I would NOT GIVE OUT PERSONAL INFORMATION TO ANY CALLER. If you think they are legit, hang up and dial 611 from any Verizon handset for assistance.

I acquired this information because I had trouble with my phones and called their corporate offices to discuss my billing concerns and trouble with my phones.  These are the numbers they used to call me back.

#16 Other

1-678-339-4000 number may be for verison but has some twisted application. Calls comming from this number are intended to locate people who are using unlisted number, or students, teanage, or other family member users who are not on the billing but users of a family package plan having more than one number. It is verison version of colaborating with data miners such as telemarketer, collection and some not to be named here but you get the idea. They are originated in Atlanta, the capital of Civil-Liberty abuse

#17 Other

It was Verizon customer service calling to give me a 10% discount on my bill for the next six months because of some issues with their payment options through the website.

#18 Debt collector


This number is actually a sophisticated Locator service (Hired by Private Investigators & such)...they are trying to identify the number you are calling and who you are, as your number probably showed on somebody's caller ID, or they have your nunber from elsewhere and paid this company to ID you.

They can SPOOF e-mail and the such from Verizon to get this info.

DO NOT CALL THEM back without blocking your own originating number...in fact...it is best not to call them back.

#19 Unwanted

I had posted a question on Verizon Wireless on-line yesterday. Instead of replying by email, they called my number. Since I didn't recognize who it was from, I didn't answer. But the voice mail they left states it was Verizon Wireless customer service.

#20 Unwanted

It was definitely Verizon. They were calling me to resolve an issue I called about yesterday and already had resolved. Of course, being afraid that there was some sort of billing glitch or whatnot I went through all the voice prompts, inlcuding the one to have the computer speak to me in English. After 10 minutes of pushing buttons I was finally allowed to speak with someone who was excited to assist me with what I had resolved myself the day before. Good job Verizon! Bah!

#21 Other

1-678-339-4000 number may be for verison but has some twisted application. Calls comming from this number are intended to locate people who are using unlisted number, or students, teanage, or other family member users who are not on the billing but users of a family package plan having more than one number. It is verison version of colaborating with data miners such as telemarketer, collection and some not to be named here but you get the idea. They are originated in Atlanta, the capital of Civil-Liberty abuse.

#22 Other

This is a legit call from Verizon. They left a message and a call back number.

#23 Robocall

business marketing , Robo calls no person . They are filling my voice mail. I can only block so many # Then I have to pay and vreizon can forget that !! I think they sell your number so you will pay them to block unwanted numbers !!!! Im on the do not call and opt out to let Verizon give my # out.

#24 Unwanted

Yes that is Verizon Wirless Billing

#25 Other

This was a Verizon Wireless operated that called me back concerning a problem

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A word of advice, when ever you send anything to a business, send it certified mail. That way they can't say they didn't get it..

Keeps calling me about insurance

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Got a call from these jerks looking for another person.  Apparently my phone number is the debtors old number.  But I played along and found out that the debt is more than 6 years old so I am guessing they are trying to collect on "Zombie" debts.   So I sent them a certified letter requesting they do not contact me again.  If they do I will keep excellent documentation and sue them.  I might make some money from these jerks.  Do some searches and you will find some sample letters that you can use.

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They are calling to sell more products. This is a trick. Their vendors are hiding behing a company. name to say we authorizzed them to place the calls.

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This is the real fax number or the court house, but was hacked and trying to get 90 dollars from you.

call from Janet Smith from mediations services to call immediately.

I have been getting calls for over 4 years from various numbers looking for a person named Brian Collins.  I assume Brian must owe someone some money and they have repeatedly sold their accounts to various firms in attempt to collect.  They have probably sold the account enough times where they are actually making a profit on the account at this point.  I have contacted the companies numerous times and ask that they notify their client that the phone number they have is incorrect.  I block all calls looking for Brian.  I will not be bothered by the calls until the client company sells the account to the next bunch of s*ckers.

The same thing is happening to me , i called vediotron they said cant help just block the number.
When I searched online It says beloquer , which means to freeze , or lock in English its a French word.
That means the caller is French and is located in Quebec , also in few links i found it related to p*rnography.
I did a mistake of calling back , don't call back may be they steal pictures and private information.
It's a one ring scam i guess.
I hope it helps .

Literally just got a call from this number. Wasn't able to use my normal phone functions. No voice on the other end. I think I faintly heard static but I'm not sure. No idea what to make of it.

don't know don't care

Just got my third call within the last hour from this number.  I did answer this call, on purpose, but not before I read these posts.  I tried to make my voice sound like a very old lady (I'm old, but not too old and definitely not stupid).  Told him I didn't have a computer and wouldn't know even how to use one.  He told me goodbye and to have a nice day then hung up.

Called 7:15PM, no message, didn't answer...checked 800 notes then blocked these scammers!

No message.

they call they'll sit there for a few minutes and wait and wait and wait and wait and then they don't say nothing and then they hang up they'll do this over and over and over really ****.

Just got a message from Aiden Edwards this morning at work.  Same phn# 404-855-7905.  Left mess stating that its in regards to some kind of check fraud.  And that I would need to have my attorney ready before they proceed with further action.  I've gotten calls like this before from other companies.  I've paid like two of them after calling the original creditor and tracing the account down to the company.  I've even received proof of payment stating that my debt was paid in full with the original creditor.  

However, I do still get calls from other companies stating I still owe the balance.  When I tell them that I've already paid the balance with the company they end up leaving me alone.  So sad to say it can either be fraud or the real thing.  But from what I gather reading all the previous posts, whether they're real or not, they still can't threaten you or verbally abuse you.  

And from reading previous posts about this number, only makes me think that this one is a scam.

cell from Thomasville Ga

car warr policy

"NEWMEDICARE" SCAM/AGGRESSIVE ADVERTISING trying to pry out CREDIT CARD INFORMATION, Called on 10/10 at 3:40; 10/10 at 3:37; 10/12 at 10:40; 10/13 at 4:51 and 10/16 at 10:43. REALLY? These PITA SCAMMER CRIMINALS need to be STOPPED!!!!

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